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SXmini G Class
  • 1.Q: Can I change the wallpaper of the G Class main interface?

    A: Of course. There are total 30 wallpapers for your selection.

  • 2.Q: What is the difference of TFT IPS and other TFT-LCDS?

    A TFT IPS is a type of thin display that offers better colour reproduction and viewing angles than TFT-LCDs. 

  • 3.Q:What is the main material of G Class?

    A: The 510 connector is made of stainless steel, the device is covered by leather or carbon fiber. 

  • 4.Q: What is the main feature of the bluetooth function?

    A: After pairing with the phone, setting such as our  Dual Taste Curves, can be adjusted as the way you want. It is a very convenient function, and we are sure that this will bring lots of fun to users. 

  • 5.Q: How to connect my device with the cell phone?

    A: Please refer to the Bluetooth introduction video in our site or check it out on our youtube page: Detailed tutorial will be provided very soon, please stay tuned for more information.

  • 6.Q: I’m from Italy, I don’t know English at all. Does G Class have other language selections?

    A: Yes, there are 10 languages available to select: English, French, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, German, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish.

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