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SXmini G Class
  • 1.Q: With the joystick controller, it seems that it is easy to have water leak into the device.

    A: The joystick controller was designed and manufactured to help prevent liquids from entering device with a silicone pad to isolate chip from outside elements.

  • 2.Q: Since G Class is a dual battery device, I’m worried that the size will be too big.

    A: G Class is almost the smallest dual-battery device you can find in the market. For more info, please refer to the pictures of the G Class in hand in our website. 

  • 3.Q: What is the difference between Type C USB cable and normal USB cable?

    A: The Charge speed of Type C cable is faster than normal USB cable, also it is reversible that can be plugged in both ways.

  • 4.Q: Why do we recommend SXMini G Class?

    A:  If you are considering getting yourself a new device, the G Class will be an excellent choice.  Why are people so crazy about SXMini even if it is so expensive? It’s because we designs and manufactures one of the finest devices in the vaping industry,  focus on the finest materials, details, and values our customers experience. The moment you first turn on the SXMini G class you’ll be mesmerized by the TFT IPS color screen display with how bright and brilliant it really is, brings you back to when you first seen a colored cellular phone screen, well now is the time for vaping devices to evolve into the future with custom wallpapers, upload up to 30 wall papers, Bluetooth 4.0 technology that enables you to program, change device settings, future firmware upgrades and whole lot more all wirelessly with your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled device, you’ll also find some practical features like a digital/analog clock, also device has built in micro-cell battery to eliminate having to reset clock every-time  batteries are removed for charging. Another new feature is the G Class device has 10 languages programmed to select to make it more user friendly. While vaping with a G class you will be able to enjoy a perfect vaping experience, the reason why everyone chooses a SXMini device as their best vaping device.

  • 5.Q: Does G Class support ss316?

    A: Of course, SXmini products support all kinds of wires, you can even try gold wire if you want.

  • 6.Q: What is the size of the 510 connector? Will it fit in large atomizer?

    A: The 510 connector is 31mm, sure large enough to fit in many kinds of atomizers.

  • 7.Q: Can I change the wallpaper of the G Class main interface?

    A: Of course. There are total 30 wallpapers for your selection.

  • 8.Q: What is the difference of TFT IPS and other TFT-LCDS?

    A TFT IPS is a type of thin display that offers better colour reproduction and viewing angles than TFT-LCDs. 

  • 9.Q:What is the main material of G Class?

    A: The 510 connector is made of stainless steel, the device is covered by leather or carbon fiber. 

  • 10.Q: What is the main feature of the bluetooth function?

    A: After pairing with the phone, setting such as our patented  Dual Taste Curves, can be adjusted as the way you want. It is a very convenient function, and we are sure that this will bring lots of fun to users. 

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