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SXmini SL Class
  • 1.Q: My SL Class shows "shot" sometimes, how can I fix this?

    A: The latest firmware V1.173 for SL Class has been released, please download the firmware from the download center and upgrade your device.Download link :, this firmware fixed the "short" issue under specific conditions .

  • 2.Q:After I adjusted the setting, removed the battery and then turned on the device again, all the settings were gone, what happened?

    A: After adjusting the settings or the values of the device, please make sure to press the fire button to save the new settings. If you forgot this step, the settings may be not memorized by the chipset. 

  • 3.Q: I want to use 21700 battery on my SXmini SL Class, is every 21700 battery in the market suitable for the device or do you have any recommandations?

    A:  Please note  the SL Class supports 21700 battery which has a maximum diameter ≤ 21.50mm and a maximum length ≤  71.00mm.

         We recommand that you use battery brand such as Samsung, Vapecell, IMRVAPE, INR on the SL Class.

  • 4.Q: I want to buy an SL Class but I have a question here if the liquid can enter into the body?

    A:  With silicone gaskets protections to prevent liquid to go inside, then no worry for this, please see the picture below.


  • 5.Q:With my SL Class how to connect to my laptop to make my own logo?

    A: Regarding the logo making function, our engineer department is on the way working on it , will update the relative news on our website&facebook page etc. as soon as available.  

  • 6.Q:Can I use the bluetooth function on SL Class ?

    A:  There is no bluetooth function on the SL Class, users can still use the SXi driver on PC  to adjust all the values even without the bluetooth function.


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