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SXmini G Class
  • 1.Q: I bought a G Class device, but i do not know English, do you have menu in Francais ? and where is the Bluetooth ?

    A: G Class device has 10 different languages selectable (English,中文,Espa?ol,Francais,日本語,Korea,Русский,Deutsch,Italiano, Arab), press the fire button 5 times quickly enter the Menu ,then select the language you want ,pls follow below step: 

    Language select&bluetooth on&off.jpg

  • 2.Q: I bought a G Class device, but can not connet to the App, pls help.

     Please do as these steps by steps:

    1. Please download the SXi-Q app from the App store and install in your phone (at present, only support ios) Please turn on the bluetooth of your iphone.

    2.Please enter the menu, find "BLUETOOTH", choose" BT on" (pull the joystick right means confirmation), then enter" BLUETOOTH" again, turn to  " RESTORATION", Long press the fire button until it shows up the bluetooth symbol, then the device will start paring with the phone.

    3. Turn on the App, click"connection" and search, and then click the device which has been found and connected. It will show "paring successful". 

    Then you will find a symbol of bluetooth, device and phone connected symbol on the vaping interface.

  • 3.Q: Can we use the atomizer which the resistance is lower than 0.08ohm?

    A: For safety purposes, we have locked the lowest resistance of G Class at 0.08ohm. If you do need to use the atomizer which the resistance is lower than 0.08ohm, please contact our after-sale service for the upgrade firmware, however we do not suggest using high wattage with low resistance for long time.

  • 4.Q: I'm using the temperature control on G Class, the device always shows“No liquid”, what 's the problem?

    A:  Please press the joystick for 5 seconds,lock the resistance, then the problem will be solved.

  • 5.Q:Can I turn off the backlight? Looks like it’s really power-consuming.

    A: The backlight is design to light up when using , users are not able to turn off at the moment. But don’t worry, it is powered by an inner lithium battery which uses little power, and every time you are charging for your batteries, the lithium battery will be charged either.

  • 6.Q: Can you please tell me step by step how to lock the resistance/ohms of the G Class please?

    A: To lock the resistance,  on the main interface please long press the joystick controller for 5 seconds.

  • 7.Q: Is G Class a single battery or dual-battery device? What is the max output?

    A:  SXmini G Class is a dual battery device. Max output up to 200watts. 

  • 8.Q: When can we upload our own photos on the main interface?

    A: The Function will be available to use when the Android version app released around late March.

  • 9.Q:I heard G Class has many functions, I'm worried that it will be complicated to operate…

    A:With the new joystick controller, we’re sure that you can learn to navigate through all the functions pretty easily.

  • 10.Q: What is so special about joystick?

    A: The new joystick controller is our own patented technology that can be manuvered in 5 different directions therefor eliminated having to press multiple button configurations to access, and change a simple function in the menu system.

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