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SXmini ML Class
  • 1.I just upgraded my device to V2.203, found there is V2.206 for boardSX350J-V2, any different between V2.203 and V2.206 ?

    A: SX Pure function inside V2.206 support the Atomizer-with SX Puretechnology-from IPV company. If you have their new atomizer, you need upgradeto V2.206. or no need upgrade one more time. 

  • 2.Is there any possible way that there will ever be a Logo Maker for the M Class ?

    Pls email us the logo you want ,we can help you make, send you a firwarefile, then you upgrade your M Class device. That is all.  

  • 3.When I push Fire button, there is weird noise on TC Mode. in Watt mode, it works well, can you pls let me knowthe reason ?

    A:The noise if bug, which we already solved this issue on the firmeware aboveV2.203. Please upgrade to V2.203 or V2.206. 

  • 4.What is the SX Pure inside the Version V2.202 ?

    A: SX Pure is our new technology, we will use it in our new Atomizer. No Coil inside the atomizer. be able to support Joule mode and Power mode. You buy one of our atomizer, can use at least 3 months, no need to change the coil 2 or 3 days. It is very simple. just change the cottone, that is it. This is another new gift for vaper lovers. Pure taste 

  • 5.How to check the version No.of my ML device ?

    A: Press the file button and keep on it , then put the battery inside , you will find the version no. on the display. 

  • 6.My ML Class device version V1.901/2.103, do i need to upgrade my device ?

    A: Yes, we suggest you upgrade to V2.202, this is the latest version with some new function like Logo maker,press fire button more than 3 seconds to exit the menu etc.


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