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SXmini in Stuttgart exhibition Germany
Company News2019-06-10

SXmini X Class with YiHi Ess Driver technology is the biggest highlight of the stuttgart exhibition this year.

YiHi SXmini X Class.jpg

We received many of SXmini agents from Germany, France,Italy, Greece, Poland, Belgium, UK, Ireland, 

Switzerland, Israel, Turkey,the Netherlands and some other countries. Introduced&shared our new Ess 

Driver technology with them. Major media and reviewers from different countries have made detailed

interviews and photographs of the new technology and products respectively.

interested to the new Ess driver technology.jpg

Germany consumers have high requirements to the product quality. SXmini products are always with 

high quality, solid and durable. Both dual-battery G Class&single battery deviceSL Class are highly 

appreciated by the German users. They said: as long as you guys make products with your heat,

I can see your efforts and will support you to the end.

SXmini Fans and agents from Euro countries .jpg

In this exhibition, Director of R&D,Mr.Chen participated personally, and introduced the advantages of the 

new technology to the players in detail. In order to break through this new technology, Mr. Chen led the 

R&D teamfor more than three years, did numerous tests and experiments, constantly found problems

from the test data to overcome them.

SXmini Team in Stuttgart Vapor Expo.jpg

After the show,SXmini Team visited their agents Intrade, InnoCigs and EX-Trade. They discussed

in detail the promotion plan of the new technology and products,product Listing Planning and

the German Market Strategic Cooperation Plan.

YiHi team visit the Agents.jpg

No pains,no gains!

Years of hard work, dedication and perseverance, in order to have today's harvest and praise

For users, we want to say:Innovation for you !

For our teams, we want to say: Come on, Let's keep going !

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