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SXmini G Class Upgrade Firmware V5.500 Released
Company News2017-04-21

SXmini G Class Upgrade Firmware V5.500 Released

Dear Friends,

The latest firmware V5.500 for G Class has been released, please download the firmware from the download center and upgrade your device.Download link : SXmini G Class V5.500

Important Remind:

Please be sure to use the latest SXi-Q driver Version or higher versions) 

to upgrade your G Class device.  Please don't use the old version to upgrade your G Class device.  

Upgrade Features:

1.Added Bypass mode ,After your device upgraded, long push down the joystick for 5 seconds for switch back to power mode.

2. Support low resistance down to 0.05ohm.

3. Added screen dimming feature, the display will blackout when setting the brightness to 0.

4. Enable users to turn off the SXmini backlight when the brightness setting lower than 3.

5. When the Bluetooth is on without connecting to the device, the standby time will synchronize with the standby setting time instead of 2 minutes.

6. Fasten the Display bright up speed, no delay when pressing the fire button.

7. Fasten the firing time and firing response speed.

8. Shorten the standby time to 10 seconds.

9. Fixed the display bugs on Configuration 4 and Configuration 5.

10. Fixed some bugs on the previous firmware and improve the product reliability.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Thank you.

SXmini Team


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