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SXi-Q Android App Beta Version V1.0.7 Released
Company News2017-03-24

Dear Friends,

The SXi-Q Android App Beta Version V1.0.7  has been released, please download the apk file from the download center. 


Kind reminder:  This App is a bata version, if you come accross any problems when using the app, please send us your feedback via:Cservice@yihisxmini.com 

Before installing, please be sure to manually download the previous App, and then reinstall the Sxi-Q APP

1. App Default is English (If the APP does not find the corresponding language will default to English )

2. New additions to Japan, Korea, Russia and Arabia

3. The 4.5 inch screen interface was revised.This version is suitable for 4.5 inch ~6 inch screen, Android version of the system for more than 4.3 mobile phones

4. When the APP appears abnormal flash back, open the APP again, the phone system will automatically generate error report And return to a dedicated server to collect mobile phone APP error free information.Engineer has registered an account , they will receive the error messages generated by the phone system 

This version avaliable to test publicly.

Thank you.

SXmini Team


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