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My experience with SXmini—pierre tardieu

Hello, to start please apologize if my English is not very good .. :-) But  I hope you understand me.

I started the electronic cigarette 4 years ago, and I have since tried a  lot of manufacturer, especially the high end. I was moderately satisfied, some  appliances had just the watt setting, no menu, I thought the price was not  justified.

My first SXmini was the M class, I even had 2, for me I saw the SXmini  devices as a revolution in the vapor industry! An incredible chipset, especially  at the time. What attracted me right away are the soft / powerfull / full +  settings.


I immediately found my steam with the M class, especially in temperature  control, which convinced me right away. The TC was already perfectly managed,  and this box was indestructible !! :-)


Then I had the ML class, Q class and currently the G class. SXmini has  again made a revolution with the G Class which is just a technology of vaping  !!

I am steaming in temperature control and Yihi chipsets are the only ones  where I can find my steam right away, without a doubt the most reliable chipsets  in the industry. The quality of the vapor is incredible ... What I also like is  that the SXmini devices can be regularly updated, and you always surprise us ..  :-)

Now I only buy SXmini, I prefer to spend $ 250 each new, I know I would get  my money's worth. The fact that you have a very responsive customer service, and  listening to the customer, is a very important point when I advise a beginner,  who feels reassured of my experience. As I always say, with a SXmini, the user  is sure to find his vapor with all possible settings!


I am a fan of SXmini, and I thank you for everything you do to evolve the  steam !!

Thank you for reading me, and I hope you understand my English ...  :-)

Thanks to the SXmini team.

Pierre Tardieu

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