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YiHi new Ess Driver Technology interview draft
Company News2019-05-10

YiHi Ess Driver Technology detailed introduction

Recently, a new industry technology Ess Driver launched by Yihi has attracted much attention.

Today we prepared an ESS DRIVER interview draft,hope to help you understand this technology in more detail.

Q: What is ESS ? 

A: ESS is Electronic Spray Systerm.

Q: When and Why you guy have this new idea ?

A: Around three years ago. Mr.Chen came up this idea.He wants to design a subversive intelligent electronic cigarette product.

At that time,with the continuous innovation of chip technology in Yihi&DNA, box mod keep continuous innovation. But the Atomizer have remained at its traditional level.The ultimate goal for vaporizer is to achieve the best taste whatever the products they use.RDA's taste is recognized as the best.but the trouble is always need to open the lid and drop the e-liquid in and worry it will be burned.,inconvenience in driving,waste time to build the coil etc.

so Mr.Chen said we need an intelligent product that meets all the needs of users (Portable, no leakage, no spit back, no dry hits, precise control of the heating core temperature, separation design of the reservoir and the heating core-make sure every mouthful of the e-liquid is fresh, Precise control of the vapor evaporation, smart electronic cigarette with excellent taste, not only meet the needs of starters, but also the needs of enthusiasts.etc.)

Q: Why did it take so long for around three years?

A: Yes,it took us three years to develop this new technology. We have integrated our Electronic Engineering Dept.,Structural Design Dept.,Idea Design Dept.,Software Technology Dept.,Craft Research Detp.etc,All of engineers cooperation together, Finally, the final test was completed in April 2019.

Three years to sharpen a sword ! Because a number of innovative technologies have been adopted in this Ess Driver. Breaking through the technical bottleneck of traditional electronic cigarette( both box mod and atomizer), so cross-dimensional transcendence can be achieved. 

We made hundreds of experiments and tests, and experienced numerous failures. at the moment of the first successful automatic oiling, Mr.Chen and all the engineers wept with excitement.Only those who have experienced it can truly appreciate how difficult it is to develop a new technology.

Q: Many people are asking what's the future of Vapor Industry ?

A : Smart electronic cigarette

Q: Can you introduce the main functions and highlights of this technology?

A: Separation Design of the Reservoir and the Heater:When the system detects that there is no e-liquid or less e-liquid in the heating core, the e-liquid will be automatically transferred from the reservoir to the heating core. If too much e-liquid is detected in the heating core, the system will automatically restrict the delivery of e-liquid. When the device does not work, the system will lock the oil circuit, that is to say, the oil tank and the heating core are isolated at this time, so there will be no oil leakage problem.

Separate the Reservoir and Heater, it ensures that the fume is not affected by the high temperature of the heating part. Damage to the stability of oil products, resulting in a decline in taste.Make sure every mouthful of oil is fresh.In order to achieve the best atomization effect, the chip will automatically identify and precisely control the amount of oil needed, make sure that the amount of oil is not too much or too little.

The Third Generation Temperature Control and Dry Burning Prevention Technology of Yihi: Very accurate, very sensitive. Using 16-bit data sampling chip, the resolution can be accurate to one thousandth of a million.Even a tiny change in temperature can be accurately controlled. It can ensure that the temperature of the heating core is within the set range. No dry burning ,make the experience more comfortable.

Precision Oil Control Technology of ESS: It can avoid excessive oil and incomplete atomization to spit back. It can also avoid the shortage of oil supply, weak taste and burning.

Locking Technology of Fully Automatic Oil Transportation: It can make precise control of fuel supply, realize balanced consumption of power and temperature, and achieve the best atomization effect.At the same time, the precise control of oil and smoke is realized Avoid wasting the e-liquid.

More details, please continue to pay attention to...

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Editor: Juan

May 10,2019


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