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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

SX Auto
  • 1.If you choose to use the DIY atomizer, there are two important actions you need to operate
    1.   Press and hold both the "+" and "–" buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds to enter the ''DIY MODE"

    2. Remember to lock the resistance at room temperature (it must be at room temperature)

  • 2.I'm new to vaping, is this device suitable for beginners?

    Yes, for its simplicity. SX Auto was made to make vaping life as easy as possible.

  • 3.Leak-proof Design

    The 3.5ml e-Liquid reservoir is conveniently located in a sealed compartment and will never leak

  • 4.Support Auto Mode & DIY Mode

    Auto Mode: Will automatically match all configurations with the SX ADA atomizers.

    DIY Mode: advanced mode for using with SX rebuildable atomizer.

  • 5.Does the oil speed match in each Power Mode (P1/P2/P3) or DIY mode automatically? If not, how to adjust?

    Each E-liquid has a different density which might affect pumping speed.

    As so, pump speed is manually and easily adjusted by the user to suit your preferred vaping style.

  • 6.What is the corresponding power of the Joule value in DIY mode? Can I switch directly to show power?

    Pls refer to this principle: 1W=1J/S, for example, 20J/1S is 20W. 

    Sx Auto supports temperature control experience only, which is represented by joules.

  • 7.How long does it work when its full charged?

    And how long does it take to charge the SX auto?

    A:   The battery is 1400mAh, working time depends on different vaping styles.

           With a 5V/1A charger, it will take around 100 minutes to full charge. 

  • 8.Does the Pump consume much electricity?

    A: No, the pump barely has any impact in the battery life. 

  • 9.How to turn on/off the device?

    A:  To turn on the device: Press the fire button 5 consecutive times quickly within 2 seconds.

         To shut down the device: enter the menu and choose system off.

  • 10.What is the meaning of the term ESS?

    A:  The term ESS stands for Electronic Spray System, a new innovated technology by YIHI to spray e-liquid directly into the coil.

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