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SX Nano
  • 1.Can we use Nic Salt type E-liquids on the 0.6Ω ADAv2 coils?

    Sure, the power used with 0.6Ω is around 15-16 watts. 

  • 2.What do the power presets on the SX Nano mean?

    The SX Nano utilizes 3 power presets: 

    COOL  |  NORMAL  |  WARM

    Each preset is a combination of power and defined temperature best suitable to the installed coil. 

  • to know the correct pump speed?

    The device already comes with 3 preset pump speed default values. 

    But each liquid behaves differently under varied viscosity and user vaping habits, you can take off the mouthpiece to view the coil, when it feels oversaturated, reduce the speed a bit. When it feels too dry raise the pump speed.  

  • 4.When I change a power preset, should I change the pump speed?

    Each power preset has its own pump speed memory slot. 

    The device already comes with 3 preset pump speed default values per each power preset. 

    Know that higher power presets will consume more liquid, and thus a higher pump speed is in place. 

  • 5.What are the battery and liquid reservoir capacities?

    Battery capacity: 900mAh

    Reservoir capacity: 2 ML

  • 6.Can I clean the liquid reservoir?

    Sure, Open the reservoir seal cover for cleaning and rinsing. 

  • 7.Will it leak?

    Law of gravity loves to play around with vaping devices, but because we implemented a bottom separated liquid reservoir, the liquid cannot leak out of it. We win this time.

  • 8.I installed a new coil, what next?

    Make sure there is e-liquid in the reservoir below and squeeze the fire button for 1 sec... 

    The device will start an automated e-liquid feeding phase. The screen will state: "No Liquid"

  • 9.Why does it say: "No liquid"?, I clearly see liquid in the reservoir?

    "No Liquid" notice appears when the device feels the coil is dry, without enough liquid inside it. 

  • 10.Can you explain the structure of ADAv2 Coil?

    ADA V2 – [Automatic Dripping Atomizer] combined of 3 parts: deck,disk coil and a mouthpiece.

    The deck is a reusable Stainless steel unit.

    The disk coil is a disposable ceramic housing with SS316L coil designed for a quick plug in installation.

    The mouthpiece is a reusable heatsink designed stainless steel with lockable airflow adjusting control.

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